Vol 1, Num 8 (Apr-Jul, 1997)                  Page 2                   ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER
7. "Ma'am, the Apparition of our Lady of  Tanjay will appear during the week of July 21 to 28, and I must be there in order to reserve my place in heaven!" (Maayo gani kay Moslem and iyang Boss, unya former travel agent pa, so she knows how difficult it is to book reservations during high season.....)

8. "Sir, my mother-in-law will be in town from July 21 to 28, and I don’t have a place to stay except in Tanjay." (Si Sir ning-tubag, "My mother-in-law is coming, too - can I go with you?")

9. "Ma’am, ug dili ko nimo tugtan, mag-hikog jud ko, unya ag akong suicide note will accuse you of sexual harassment!" (Kana ug tomboy ka Ma’am!)

10. "Sir, ug dili ko nimo tugtan, mag-hikog jud ko, unya ag akong suicide note will accuse you of sexual harassment!" (Kana ug bayut ka Sir!)

Officers’ Meeting on June 7

Held at the Gils’ residence, attended by Tia Ringgy, Braddack, Alice, Anesio, Jean, Paraluman, Fern, Gigi, Falang (who came late), and Marianne (who came latest). The main topic was Balik-Tanjay activities. The Tanjay Fiesta-USA Picnic to be held on Saturday, July 12, which will include the Election of New Officers, followed by a jam session. More details on page 9.

The meeting had the usual format: wala’y adjourn-adjourn kay ug duna’y mo-abut nga may pagka-on, manindog ang tanan, dayong mangadto sa kusina. Unya kay si Gigi ning-appear for the first time in many months, siya ang ga-preside sa usa ka meeting sa eskina nga puro ra mga babaye ang naminaw. Ag mga lalaki nanan-aw ug TV nga Tarzan, dayong nag-sing along to Mario Lanza's songs. The rest of the evening was spent in ga-hinam-hinam ug unsa'y among himo-on during the big trip. Typical conversations:

Marianne to hubby Richard: Honey, there will be at least four dances! Richard to Marianne: Honey, you’ll have to look for another partner! Badingding to Alice: Nagpa-reserva na ko sa akong masahista ug modista! Alice to Badingding: Gapa-reserva na ko sa aokng manicurista! Falang to herself: Magpa-reserva jud ko ug akong kaugalingong DI kay wa pa jud ko maka-tilaw ug bayle nga ako ang gi-dala! Braddock to Danny: Duna kono’y "night-club" sa Luca! Anesio: Na-a ba na sa atong schedule?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how your officers hold meetings!

In Remembrance.....

In the midst of all the excitement and the hubbub of this world, let us not forget the realities and the real purpose of our lives. Let us now step aside to pause and pray for our beloved brothers and sisters who have gone to touch the face of our Almighty God:

    Lucena "Tia Lucing" Cornelio-Teves
    Gasper "Gapang" Villegas
    Filemon "Momong" Repollo
    Luis Teves

Luis Teves (Please inform us and give us the namesof our beloved who have died recently so we can request our fellow Tanjayanons and friends to include them in our prayers.

As we go to press.....Four more names have been added to the roster of Balik-Tanjayanons:
Johnnie Rosales, Polding Culi, Michael Morante-Orcullo and Cynthia Morante-Orcullo.

(Nag-ingon di-ay si Linda Morante - Talented wife of Pete Orcullo - author of the "enter ng enter" joke nga she is concerned that people might get the wrong impression of her. "That joke nga generic - it could be applied to any and all nationalities or ethnic groups - apan si Myrna, maldita kaayo, gui-palami-an. Mao ng mo-retract gyud ko to set the records straight." "OK, from now on", Pete the accountant gamely added. I will no longer enter ng enter... I will also retract ng retract!" And we all had a good laugh).

Balik-Tanjay, '97
July 18, 1997


1. Boyen Diago-Adham
2. Ryan D. Adham
3. Edgar Arrieta
4. Celia Barot
5. Alice Flores-Calumpang
6. Fatima F. Calumpang
7. Lu Zerna-Colgrove
8. Matchuy Cruz
9. Fern Ann Teves-Cruz
10. Francis T. Cruz
11. Jaclyn T. Cruz
12. Elpi R. Culi
13.Myrna Banogon-Culi
14. Carmenchu T. Diago
15. Rollie T. Diago
16. Thelma Diago
17. Olan Diago
18. John-john Diago
19. Jamie Diago
20. Ferdie Diago
21. Val Diago
22. Angeli Diago
23. Norma Teves-Engel
24. Dr. Richard Fayssoux
25. Marianne Allera-Fayssoux
26. Michelle A. Fayssoux
27. Ma-an Navarro Ferrer
28. J.R. Navarro-Ferrer
29. Danny J. Gil
30. Badingding Señeris-Gil
31. Joey S. Gil
32. Carlos J. Gil
33. Chona Diago-Kumihang
34. Rachnee D. Kumihang
35. Carlos (Boy) Lao
36. Liling Diago-Lao
37. Douglas H. Lopez
38. Margie R. Lopez
39. Perla Manapol
40. Lisa McGinnis
41. Dr Eddie Mercado
42. Dr Gorie Mercado
43. Estela Navarro
44. Lina Barot-Navas
45. Pete Orcullo
46. Linda Moranto-Orcullo
47. Dr Romeo R. Regalado
48. Marlene Zerna-Robertson
49. Bert Sandiego
50. Quirining Sandiego
51. Mark N. Sandiego
52. Raffy N. Sandiego
53. Carmeli N. Sandiego
54. Dr. Gopal Singh
55. Gina Villegas-Singh
56. Vishnu V. Singh
57. Ram V. Singh
58. Mrs. Frances W. Teves
59. Melody S. Teves
60. Barry S. Teves
61. May M. Teves
62.. Juliena M. Teves
63. Roy W. Teves
64. Jesus Tuazon
65. Matahum Zerna-Tuazon
66. Orlando (Bebe) Zerna
67. Jimmy Zerna
68. Lillian Girasol-Zerna
69. Anesio Piñero
70. Braddock Calumpang

Co-Heads of Delegation

    Mrs. Frances W. Teves
      Chair, Board of Advisers
Official Travel Agency
Nerve Center
Travel Consultant
Souvenir T-shirts
Medical Mission
Used Clothing Distribution
Liaison Officer
Mrs. Felisa Señeris-Gil
  Association President
City Tours & Travel
Philippine Airlines
Hotel de Tanjay
Edgar Arrieta
Anesio Piñero (Ass'n VP)
Dr. Inting Batiancilla
Estela Navarro
Fern Ann Teves- Cruz
Over-all Chairman and organizer

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