If you are:

       Interested in doing business in Asia but don't know much about the local market, competition,
       regulations, and other vital information on business trends, practices, and developments; 

       Looking for a joint venture partner, a local distributor, or a local representative; 

       Interested in setting up a local manufacturing, assembly, or distribution facility; 

       Having problems with ongoing negotiations, contractual obligations, or other legal or
       extra-legal obstacles; 

       In need of introductions to, and one-on-one meetings with, decision-makers in the public and
       private sectors, 

       ...and you can't afford one of those high-priced consultants....

YOUR ASIA CONNECTION is the answer! 


       Is based in the U.S. and has offices in the Philippines and India; 

       Is fluent in Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, and Visayan; 

       Has many years of experience in international business development and marketing/sales
       strategies, project procurement and management; 

       Has proven negotiating skills in a wide range of circumstances; 

       Possesses the ability to monitor and assess political/economic/commercial/social 

       Has excellent network of contacts in government, military, business & industry, media, 
       entertainment, and academic sectors; 

       Is comfortable in multi-cultural environment and in less-than-ideal conditions, 

       ...and is very affordable. 

YOUR ASIA CONNECTION will consider any short-term assignment on 30 days' notice. 


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