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The BLACK SAND confrontation seems to have been settled when contractor Sino Italy started dismantling their plant and dredging equipment on March 14, after almost two months of blockage by irate local residents and supporters on the approach road that passed through their private property.  The situation was tense for a number of times when local government tried to break the blockade.  Detailed writeups and photos are viewable on Rambling section on the left.

The Calumpang Clan had it's grand family reunion on Deccember 29, 2013 at Osmeña Park, Tanjay City.

The latest compilation of the family tree can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the FAMILY TREES section on the left side, and then clicking on CALUMPANG TREE. There are over 3,000 individuals listed. A hardcopy book version can be ordered at a local Tanjay printer. Call 0998-977-0204

Click here for the family tree Outline.
We Tanjayanons always have a story to tell, or a joke to share. Let’s publish them. Let’s make a Book that will make all Tanjayanons happy and proud – “to own and to gift”. There shall be a copy of this Book in every proud Tanjayanon home, especially in those of our homesick Tanjayanons around the world. This will be for them a “tambal sa kamingaw,” to remind them of the wonderful town and the beautiful lovable people they left behind . This will be our lasting legacy to the next and future generations of Tanjayanons to come. Send/email your stories, riddles, anecdotes, original Tanjayanon jokes, etc. together with your names and addresses to: tanjaythebook@aol.com.

The Book
  “The ultimate shortcoming of Tanjayanons has been their failure to come up with a record of their brilliance and pass it on as their legacy to the next generation.. “      Anton C. de Leon

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